bab \bahb\: a term of endearment, or a way of addressing a person, often used in the West Midlands.

What we do

We provide brands with their written material. Websites, newsletters, brochures, blogs – if it needs saying somehow, we can usually find the right words. We also write commercials scripts, brand magazines, and even the odd book.

Our main focus is on women. We know women, we love them – hell, we are them. If your brand needs help chatting up the ladies, we’ve got all the best lines.

This is some of what we do:


Whether you’re rebooting an existing site or launching something shiny and new, we’re versed in the nuances of writing online copy and know how to make your website count.

Day-to-day written communications

We provide our clients with all sorts of copy-related services, including:

Brand magazines
Content strategy
Direct mail
Press releases
Seasonal campaigns
Tone of voice

Social media

Sustaining brilliant social-media channels 24-7 can be a drag. We’ll help you keep things fresh. Some of the services we offer include:

Instagram takeover
Editorial planning and writing for Facebook
Twitter campaign ideas
Social-media consultancy


We’ve written award-winning viral ads for the likes of Google, the Nike Foundation and YouTube, but also work with smaller companies and start-ups. If you want to make a brand-sponsored film, we can help make that happen. We have a great contacts book, and will happily raid it to find directors, producers and other crew.

Here’s one example of our work:

Selected for the “APA 50”, the annual list of the world’s 50 best commercials
Shortlisted: Cannes Lions, Best Branded Film
Winner: Gold Award, Shots Awards, Best Branded Content
Winner: Gold Award, IVCA Awards, Best Commercial
Winner: Webby Award

why Bab?

When it comes to writing content women respond to, we’ve got form: our first blog, You’re So Mummy, about the perils of modern motherhood, was picked up by Penguin and published as a book in 2016.

A background in feature writing for newspapers and women’s magazines means we’re used to producing engaging copy with a strong, contemporary voice. We know how to transform bland marketing-speak into something women genuinely want to read and share. And being used to newspaper deadlines, we can do it fast.

Our combined experience and longstanding career partnership means we offer bigger thinking and a more polished product than a lone freelancer, but we come with a friendlier price tag than a big agency.

who we are

Photograph by Alun Callender

Alex Manson-Smith and Sarah Thompson. We’ve been friends since our schooldays in Birmingham and since then have followed suspiciously similar career paths. Both of us started as journalists, and between us we’ve written for – among others – the Guardian, Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph, Observer, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Grazia, and Psychologies.

Later we started writing for brands – working with everyone from hotel groups and charities (Sarah) to beauty and home appliances (Alex). In 2015, Sarah’s first book, Style Council, inspirational interiors in ex-council homes, was published by Random House.

When we both had children and went mad, we started writing a blog, You’re So Mummy. It was quickly spotted by an agent and in 2016 Penguin published it as a book. You can buy it here. Go on, it’s hilarious.

Eventually we decided it was time to combine our experience – and apparent inability to do anything without the other – to set up Bab.

our clients

Here are some of the brands we’ve provided with web copy, ad scripts, blogs, newsletters, handbooks, and even a novel.




contact us

Call Sarah on 07815 306 295 or email

Bab Content, 108A Forest Road, London, E8 3BH


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